A Cornucopia of Thankful Hearts

By Chris Baxter

Today, in this festive time of the year, the cornucopia is often the choice item that makes its way onto the center of our kitchen or dining room tables. This decorative piece symbolizes both "abundance" as well as a "bountiful harvest", which then leads to much gratitude as we count our many blessings.

With this visual in mind, I couldn't help but compare it to an on-line devotional series that I am currently reading, (see www.soulsistersministry.com). Over the past month, many women have willingly shared why they have been "Thankful in All Circumstances" this year. To say this series has been powerful is an understatement. Just like the differing harvest fruits and vegetables that are attractively placed in a cornucopia, these unique posts have become a beautiful collection of living testimonies bound together in the love of Christ.

Here are some of the fruits on display:

Acknowledging that age brings wisdom

Recognizing the little things, the daily things

Believing that God keeps his promises

Experiencing the love of Jesus in extreme sadness

Receiving forgiveness in a relationship

Recognizing we are made in God's image

Choosing to embrace all of life's moments

Choosing life and birthing redemption

Rejoicing in a God-given relationship

Giving thanks for answered prayers, both small and big

Choosing a thankful heart no matter the trial

Celebrating healing of body and soul

Choosing to grow in difficult times

Resting in God's plan, past, present, and future.

These Soul Sisters of mine have made my intangible Thanksgiving centerpiece become very real and alive in my heart. What a bountiful display of blessing upon blessing! (And the series is not over yet!)  If I were to add to this cornucopia of thankful hearts, I would have to say my fruit would be entitled:

Embracing life-change.

What about you? What are you thankful for this year? What has God done for you in even a difficult circumstance? Take a moment before the Lord and ask him to reveal one thing to you and then thank him for it. Allow this blessing to be the seed of gratitude that has the potential to bear much fruit; may each one of us be full to overflowing with an array of colorful praise.

Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving... For the Lord is a great God... Psalm 95:2-3


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Dear Lord,

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