By Chris Baxter

Ah... relief. Mac's home from Haiti, and I'm one thankful wife.

After five giant hugs (and then some), the kids and I gathered around our Man as he downloaded his pictures on the computer; of course, each one had a story. I loved the tenderness in Mac's voice as he spoke of the people, combined with the toughness of the job that he was able to fulfill while there. He spent a week, giving, giving, giving, and said he felt a little guilty for leaving his "post." The need is still so great. Thankfully, an orthopedic team arrived the very day he and Rick flew out of Jacmel. Please "hear" his own words of gratitude:

Thank you all for praying for me while in Haiti. God was good to us and allowed us to help many people. We did more than thirty surgeries, treating severe fractures of both arms and legs. We told the Haitians of God's love for them and that we came to tell them about Jesus; we wanted to give them hope... spiritual and physical hope.

I asked Mac questions like:

"What did you eat?" (rice, beans, and goat);

"Where did you sleep?" (in a bunk bed with my clothes on, ready to race out of the orphanage in case of another aftershock);

"What about the devastation?" (immense, overwhelming, heart-breaking);

"What about the people?" (friendly, appreciative, tough-as-nails, non-complainers even with their terrible fractures--amazing).

I will close out this Haiti adventure with one more question I asked Mac: "Was there a particular Bible verse that kept going through your head while you were in Jacmel?"

Without hesitation, he responded, "Yes, I John 3:17; it's what got me there." It reads:

But whoever has the worlds goods, and beholds his brother in need and closes his heart against him, how does the love of God abide in Him?

Mac went with his goods--his surgical gifts--and took God's love to the hurting people of Haiti. For seven days he and Rick were able to give them ... ah ... relief. Mac went to Haiti, and I am one thankful wife.

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And Moses thought, "I will go over and see this strange sight--why the bush does not burn up." Exodus 3:3

Dear Lord,

Turn our heads to see your holiness. Pull our hearts towards your glory. Make us curious enough to walk towards you and willing enough to respond to all that you have in mind. Call us, challenge us, change us. Amen.