Behold Him

By Chris Baxter

On December 2nd just before lunch, I was racing to my first Christmas party--and I mean racing. I was the "set-up" lady for the celebration at my daughter's tutorial, and I was LATE. As I was I flying down highway 65, I felt much like Santa in his sleigh, especially because I had all the decorations in my back seat, one of which was a small bell on top of a Santa-hat that literally jingled all the way. Becoming aggravated at every slow-moving-vehicle in my path, as if they were to blame, I said to myself, "This is NOT how I want to spend my entire holiday--rushed, frazzled, and in a fix."

So, how do I keep from entering this whirlwind of frenzy, all in the "name of Christmas"? Because, undeniably, there are parties to attend, presents to purchase, homes to decorate, families to house. The answer came to me as I was sitting frustratingly still in a long line of traffic the day of my daughter's party. Through the lyrics of a Christmas song, the Lord spoke these two words, "Behold Him."

Hmm... behold Him... I have contemplated these words since my hectic car ride. In fact, I decided to look up the word behold in the dictionary. It means: to look at, see; especially something remarkable or impressive. If we were to divide this word, it would look something like this:

be-- exist; synonyms: have life, draw breath, arise, prevail

hold--grasp, carry, keep, remain secure, embrace.

I then investigated further and read the Christmas story located in Luke 1 and 2. Did you know "behold" is mentioned nine times in this passage? Indeed, something remarkable and impressive was happening; and Zacharias, Elizabeth, Mary, the angels, the shepherds, and Simeon, to name a few, were all drawing breath from it and carrying it in their hearts. They were beholding Him, Jesus, the Almighty, the all Holy One. Now the question is, am I?

In order to do this, I must first and foremost, sit still with Him. In this place of rest, He can speak wonder-full things to me, just like the true characters of the first Christmas story. I too, want to exist and then embrace the Saving One. But then, when I get up from this restful state and start running into the midst of all the Christmas cheer, I must pull my heart and mind away from the chaos and then intentionally choose to behold my Savior. So, as I drive, I will worship Him through beautiful songs. As I decorate, I will celebrate Him through meaning-filled expression. As I wrap, I will contemplate Him, the gift of Life nestled in swaddling clothes. And as I attend parties, I will take Him with me and share His love.

Breathe in, my friend, and behold Him this entire Christmas season and you will be bountifully blessed by the King of kings. He is worth every thought, and then some.

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And Moses thought, "I will go over and see this strange sight--why the bush does not burn up." Exodus 3:3

Dear Lord,

Turn our heads to see your holiness. Pull our hearts towards your glory. Make us curious enough to walk towards you and willing enough to respond to all that you have in mind. Call us, challenge us, change us. Amen.